Office Holiday Party Outfits

Office Holiday Party Outfits

The holidays are coming soon and everyone is now looking for a cool holiday outfit. But not only do you have to look for parties with friends and family, but your co-workers as well. How can you dress up stylishly and look office-friendly at the same time? Here are a few ideas.

Outfits with skirts / dresses

The most popular idea is to wear a metal or sequin skirt with a turtleneck, top, sweater or blouse. Another idea is to rock bold colors like emerald or red and a neutral top, add statement accessories and heels. A dress will also be a good idea. Try emerald, burgundy, and black velvet for a chic and sophisticated look.

Outfits with pants

If your preference is for pants, go for a shiny or simply bold sequin top and add heels. A black velvet top, black pants, and an embellished blazer are great ideas for an office vacation outfit. A jumpsuit is another idea for a vacation in the office, for bold or metallic shoes and a clutch. Voila!

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