How to wear fringed boots

How to wear fringed boots

Boots with fringes are not as difficult to style as they look. But they do look very striking, with a sense of rawness, so you might need some confidence and character to pull off a fringed boot outfit. Since the fringed boots already look very complex, the best way to style them is with a very simple outfit. In this blog post, I am going to share some of the best fringe boat outfit ideas for you to use as a reference. Let’s take a look.

Brown mid-calf boots and long-sleeved white t-shirts and jeans


As mentioned earlier, a good and safe way to style the fringed boots is to keep the outfit simple. For example, wear a long-sleeved white t-shirt with ripped skinny jeans. Complete this simple and rugged look with a pair of brown fringe calf boots.

Wear it with a denim shirt and a blanket scarf

Denim Shirt Blanket Scarf Fringe Boots

It is not an absolute truth that one cannot dress complexly to style the fringed boots. It’s just that the difficulty would increase dramatically. But if you know what you’re doing and make sure the pieces go well together, a more complex outfit can have more depth and look great too. For example, wear a denim shirt and black skinny jeans with mid-calf camel boots. Wear a blanket scarf that goes well with the fringed boots to make the outfit look more balanced and complete.

Gray knee high boots with fringes and gray leather jacket

gray knee-high leather jacket with boots

Here’s another minimal outfit that only uses two colors. For the top, wear a gray t-shirt with a cropped gray leather jacket. Team these pieces with white skinny jeans and gray knee high fringe boots. This gray and white outfit is so stylish it’s great for casual gatherings or even for work.

Mid-calf boots, black sweater and green cardigan

green cardigan with fringed mid-calf boots

I can see this outfit making a good casual street outfit for fall. For the top, wear a black sweater with a green cardigan. Wear black skinny jeans with brown mid-calf boots for the buttocks. A white scarf would be perfect to balance out the relatively dark outfit.

Wear yours with a denim shirt and black skinny jeans

black fringed jeans boots jeans drainpipe jeans

For those of you who like to wear a denim shirt to work for that slightly tough, casual look, here’s an outfit with a little more detail that you might want to try. Combine the denim shirt with black skinny jeans. Instead of wearing a pair of black ballet shoes, which would have looked really good with the rest of the outfit, wear black boots with mid-calf fringe for added character and uniqueness.

Brown knee high fringed boots with a cream knit sweater

brown knee high fringed boots and cream knit sweater

This outfit is a chic and stylish outfit. I really like this model because the fringed boots go really well with the rest of the outfit. For the top, consider wearing a cream colored knitted sweater with a black leather jacket. Add skinny jeans and knee high boots with brown fringes to the equation. This is such a stylish look that it will make you stand out from the crowd, especially in fall and winter when other people are wearing something chunky.

Knee high boots with gray long sleeve t-shirt and denim shorts

knee-high boots with fringes and jeans

You can wear this outfit in spring or summer. For a minimal outfit, simply wear a long-sleeved gray t-shirt with denim shorts. Very typically you wear white sneakers to complete the outfit. But to add more style and toughness to the look, a pair of knee high boots with brown fringes would be the perfect fit.

Wear it with a black sheath dress and a leather jacket

brown fringed boots black shift dress leather jacket

Another easy way to use the colors is to wear a brown boot with an all black outfit. For example, wear a black shift dress with a black leather jacket. Pair them with knee high boots with brown fringes. If you want to add a touch of elegance and warmth to the black outfit, you can wear a cheetah silk scarf shown in the picture.

Black boots with fringes, gray sweater and leather jacket

black fringed boots gray sweater leather jacket

This black and gray winter outfit is easily my favorite on the list. Even though the outfit seems so simple, the use of colors, cuts and the way all the pieces work together makes the outfit look so beautiful and stylish. Pair a heather gray sweater with a black leather jacket for the top to pull off this stunning look. Wear black skinny jeans with black boots with fringes covering the buttocks. The gray wool scarf glues all parts together perfectly. As good as this outfit look is, it’s surprisingly easy to pull off. I highly recommend you try this one.

Wear yours with a gray tank top and black skinny jeans

black fringed boots gray tank top black skinny jeans

This outfit idea just shows you that pairing fringed boots with a simple and casual outfit can look pretty good. Simply wear a gray tank top and black skinny jeans with black fringe calf boots.

Wear it with a brown leather jacket and a white cable sweater

knee high boots with fringes brown leather jacket

For the top, wear a boho-style white knit sweater with a brown leather jacket. Wear black skinny jeans and brown fringed boots. Note that the leather jacket and the boots are the same color. This is a nice trick to glue all the pieces together better.

Brown jacket, white short t-shirt and denim shorts

Denim shorts with brown fringed boots Miley Cyrus

For a classy country look, you can wear a white cropped t-shirt, a brown jacket and denim shorts with brown fringed boots. Similar to the previous outfit, the jacket and boots are the same color.

Black boots with an oversized gray knit sweater and leggings

black fringed boots gray oversized knit sweater

For a minimalist look, pair a gray cable oversized sweater with black leggings and black fringe knee high boots. These are good clothes to work with. Not only do they look good, they are also comfortable to wear, which is a big plus, especially when you have to work long hours.

Brown open toe ankle boots with black wool coat

brown open toe boots with fringes, black jacket

As you may have noticed, most fringed boots are long as they are either mid-calf or knee high. For this outfit, I’ll show you that ankle fringe ankle boots can look pretty good too. Simply pair the brown open toe and fringed ankle boots with a white t-shirt, black wool jacket and ripped skinny jeans.

Brown boots with a boho dress and a long cardigan

brown boots with fringes boho dress long cardigan

The brown boots look pretty good in combination with the red boho dress. A long boho white cardigan will help glue all the pieces together.

I hope you enjoyed the list of fringe boot outfit ideas. I am sure that adding fringed boots to your outfit will make your fashion world more creative and give you more choices. It’s always fun to try new ideas that you’ve never tried before.

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