High waist skirt

High waist skirt

Now the high waisted look has become a staple of everyday style and no longer just in the retro nostalgia corner!No wonder, because the look has several advantages: high-waisted outfits are figure-friendly and sexy at the same time! With the right combination, you can hide a small tummy, visually stretch your legs and emphasize your waist! Worse, you can still see a few mistakes and unintentionally bad combinations on the streets. However, now we tell you the multiplication table with a high waist and an absolute go-gos and no-go!

Now ladies pay attention because you can optimize your figure with a high-waisted skirt and high-waisted pants, focus on your chest size, waist or legs and hide your stomach. Even the prejudiced high-waist pants make an ugly butt is definitely unfounded. The pockets in the right place – are attached to the upper half of the POS – namely the rear part of the lover is visually even more rounded and plump.In very tight skirts, a wide blouse must be inserted into the hem – especially with a slightly larger size, a beautiful, curvy silhouette is created. Tailored shirts and blouses go best with full skirts, otherwise the Michelin Man look is threatened!

High waist skirt: pencil skirt

It’s figure-stressing, with historical charm flaws and just plain hot: the pencil skirt as a skirt with a high waist inspired not only a combination of a classic blouse and heels this summer, but also exotic and sporty items. We have great fashion and street style blog inspiration discovered by Sophie Mhabille: the combination of a red leather pencil skirt, a Mickey Mouse shirt and a hat is just cool and unusual!

High waisted look with crop top

One of the most popular and progressive combinations right now is the high-waisted look paired with a crop top. Especially at the Copenhagen Fashion Week it was again confirmed that this trend will continue for a while. The trick is not to show anything else, the outfit quickly looks like it shows a lot of skin. Don’t pair the high-waisted shorts with the crop top in a bustier look unless you’re heading to the beach. Go to rather elegant ones, modeled after the charming ROONEY Mara.

  • Do: Crop top tucked into an elegant high waist pant suit.
  • Not: Pair the crop top with a fleshy look and denim shorts or the high waisted skirt and even high heels!

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