Ship Wheel Tattoo Ideas

Ship Wheel Tattoo Ideas

There are so many tattoo ideas out there that without a doubt, any person looking to get a tattoo inked will find a perfect one. All you need is to choose a specific tattoo, read the meanings carefully, and find a good and qualified tattoo artist who can make your tattoo dreams come true. Today we are ready to share with you another interesting and so cool tattoo idea – a ship wheel idea. This type of tattoo is great for everyone from the real man to the romantic lady. Just pick a proper picture of a ship’s wheel, pick a spot for it, and add some bright colors (or you can make a plain black) and other details to it. But first let’s find out what a ship wheel tattoo means. Of course, it symbolizes navigation and direction to your own life. These types of tattoos can also mean opportunities and a journey. For now, I’m offering you to scroll down and consider any ideas. Get inspired!

Ship wheel tattoo ideas for men

If you like unique ideas, you can ask your tattoo artist to make a very detailed ship wheel on your hands. Or you can try repeating an abstract image of a ship’s wheel with red splatter. Don’t be afraid to add some names, quotes, or dates to your tattoo. For example, you can put a ship’s wheel tattoo with the phrase “discover, dream, discover” on your legs or shoulders to show off your romantic personality.

Ship wheel tattoo ideas for women

Often times, ladies choose a tiny tattoo with a ship’s wheel and combine it with an anchor and put it on the feet or wrists. If you want to look more eye-catching, get a blue-purple watercolor tattoo on your shoulder or add beautiful flowers to the image of your ship’s wheel.

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