How to choose the right boys curtains

How to choose the right boys curtains

Choosing curtains for boys is not as easy as for the girl’s room. The hard part is actually keeping the space within the realm of a boy’s personality and making it smart, stylish, and decent. Choosing the right fabric with the color and design is a problem with the corners. If you start with color you will end up with a fabric that is not up to your standard. When you go for a design of your choice, you don’t find the colors so trendy that you feel comfortable with your choice. To solve the problem, check the following:

When your boy is of an age where he can voice his opinions and choices, discuss whatever you choose with him. The colors are always the best to start with. Choose a range of colors that you find interesting such as blue, green, any shade of brown, etc. The wall color of the room can be your main stop for nest color. Furniture and accessories will also help if you have already chosen them.

You need to be very selective about the design of your boys curtains as some rooms make the room look spacious and comfortable. Like horizontal stripes, waves, polka dots, etc. Careful selection is required for floral designs because some floral designs look so feminine. Abstract designs are often the best choice for a boy’s room.

Try mixing a plain curtain in the middle of two other curtains with some colorful design. This gives the curtains 4 some personality, especially when they are closed.

The choice of fabric for boys curtains depends on you and the room decor. If the windows have sunshine for a long time, then you need heavy fabric curtains. Otherwise, abominable curtains are great as they allow adequate airflow and their flowing structure is very beautiful. Check Ali Express for discount curtains and eBay for a wide selection.

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