Work Appropriate Hairstyles

Work Appropriate Hairstyles

In addition to choosing an outfit and accessories, you also need a makeup and hairstyle for a stylish work look. I have prepared some simple ideas that are convenient to carry. They are for medium length and long hair.


An updo is the most comfortable hairstyle, and the most popular office-friendly idea is a bun. Make a low bun – twisted, braided, or just smooth. A French updo, or just a regular updo, is also a chic idea to rock and can be done in about a minute.

Half updos

Half updos are even faster to make and suit both medium-length and long hair. You can do a criss-cross or just a half updo and add a striking accessory: a metallic hair clip with a laconic design or something similar.

Ponytails and braids

A low ponytail is a good idea to wear in an office and it can be made in a minute. There are braided, twisted, sleek ponytails that you can secure with a catchy metal ring. The ponytail can be braided on top, or you can even choose a simple braid on one side. Get inspired!

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