Women Lion Tattoos

Women Lion Tattoos

If you love animals, you will definitely like animal tattoos. Today I want to show you some graceful and gorgeous lion tattoo ideas for women. Unlike men (who choose images of aggressive roaring or wise lions for their new tattoos), women often resort to feminine and graceful lion tattoos. For example, they ask tattoo artists to add colored flowers to the lion’s mane. And these type of tattoos signify a balance between your passionate nature (it is represented by the lion) and your calm senses and femininity (don’t forget that a cute flower is a symbol of grace, love and beauty). Women can also add multiple stars or geometric lines for their lion tattoos, making each tattoo more eye-catching and awesome. Do you want to see all the ideas? Then you should scroll down and I am sure you will fall in love with lion tattoos!

Black Lion Tattoo Ideas

Below you can see that many girls choose simple black tattoos and put them on their fingers, wrists, collarbones or ankles. You can turn your attention to tribal tattoos (because they will always be popular), they look perfect on the shoulder or even behind the ears. To add more power to your tattoo, you can ask your tattoo artist to ink some key words or phrases that will inspire you around your Leo.

Colorful lion tattoo ideas

If you want to make your tattoo colorful, don’t limit your imagination! Of course you can choose realistic colored lion tattoos, but if you choose bright colors like purple, blue, lilac, pink and others, you will get a very unique and unrepeatable tattoo. They look amazing on the back, neck, shoulders, arms and thighs. When you’re not ready for overly flashy tattoos, you can just paint flowers in lion’s mane with your favorite colors. See more ideas below.

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