Style A Pantsuit Not For Work

Style A Pantsuit Not For Work

Pant suits became a super hot trend last year and they’re here to stay as this is a universal thing to style for work, special occasions, and even casual and bold street style looks. A pant suit is one piece that is super easy to style as there are already two matching elements. But how should you dress up so it doesn’t look boring? Here are some ideas to try.

Looks for special occasions

If you’re going out, on a special date, going to a wedding, or any other special event, rock a fancy pant suit! Prefer pant suits with shorts and long or half sleeves. For colors, choose bold jewel tones or basics. Wear them with a crop top or a lace top, or no top at all. A lace bralette gives the look a hot touch. Add a pair or heels and a bold and catchy clutch and you’re good to go.

Casual and street style looks

If you want to create a casual or bold street style outfit, go for a fancy pants suit, add a printed t-shirt, a pair of bold heels, and a cool clutch. Wear it with sock boots or sneakers. If you want a bold look, go for bold pant suits with eye-catching necklaces and earrings. Try short jackets and baggy pants to add interest to the outfit.

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