chain pendant

chain pendant

The pendants, often referred to as jewelry pendants, are commercially available in all sorts of variations and are made from a variety of materials, from the very classic silver zodiac pendants to stylish pearl pendants.

Classification of the pendant category

Chain pendants are available in silver or gold for all types of classic necklaces. These can be hung on a thin chain and exchanged for other pendants at will. In this way you can vary at any time and give the chains a new look.

Materials, shapes and motifs

Pendants for necklaces are available in different shapes and with all imaginable motifs.

  • rhinestones or
  • small gems

Provided. But also the most diverse graphic forms,

are used to make beautiful designs. are also popular

  • the heart as a pendant
  • Animals
  • Good luck charm or
  • Star sign.

And you can see more and more often

that stand for hope, love or the like as pendants on necklaces. Larger ones are particularly elegant

Anyone who worked in a version worked as a trailer. These come in a variety of colors so you can coordinate very well over the attire.

Men's Gold Plated Hip Hop Retro 11
Gold chain for men with dollar sign pendant necklace (style A 24. Hip-Hop Bling Iced Gold Tone CZ AK-47 Pistol Pendant.
Hip Hop Necklaces & Pendants |  King I

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