Polka dot dress

Polka dot dress

We’ve all been there at some point in our lives. Don’t tell me your mom didn’t put you in those polka dot dresses, blouses, or all of that together? My mom even says that one of my favorite dresses was a black and white polka dot dress. I wore it all the time. Thanks to my childhood photos, I was quickly reassured that this was true.

We all remember Marilyn Monroe and her polka dot bikini suit. It was very popular back then. Maybe that’s why people think the polka dots are a bit retro. That is definitely a thing of the past. If you ask me, you are wrong.

Polka dots on sundresses are perfect. They will look interesting and attract a lot of attention. Besides, it can look even more beautiful on the elegant dresses and gowns.

It’s a great time for us to see how to combine and wear the polka dot dress. Let’s get started, shall we?

Black leather jacket + polka dot dress

black leather jacket polka dot dress
With the eternal black leather jacket you can style every outfit combination wonderfully!
It goes perfectly with this ruffled polka dot dress and lace-up flats.
This is a perfect everyday outfit. When you are having a coffee in your favorite bar or having brunch with your friends. You can even try pairing it with the high heels for more formal events.

Velvet + polka dot dress

velvet dress
All I can say is this is an amazing color on an amazing dress! This is a great velvet midi dress. It looks so good you’ll want to wear it all the time!
As you can see in this combo, it is paired with the sneakers. So if you like experimenting with styles, you can copy this outfit too.

Edgy Boots + Polka Dot Dress

square polka dot dress
If you think polka dots are only for romantically flowing dresses, please let me try to change your mind. Check out the outfit in the photo above! It feels edgy because of the ankle biker boots. For example, the best time to wear it is at a rock ‘n’ roll concert.

Pink bag + polka dot dress

Pocket polka dot dress
Every outfit combination deserves a statement detail that will remind people of you and your sense of style and fashion.
This amazing blue ruffled polka dot dress is paired with an interesting and quite unusual bag. This will add an extra spark to your perfect summer outfit combo.

Red summer polka dot dress

red polka dot dress
Check out this amazing outfit in the photo above! Don’t you wish you could wear it now?
The perfect coral polka dot wrap dress will be your favorite summer dress.
You can wear it all the time, from day to night. Combine it with a nice big hat and go to the beach.

Elegant polka dot dress

elegant polka dot dress
Here is one of the dressier dresses. Retro and very glamorous, this dress can be worn for very formal celebrations or for dinners and cocktail parties.
Wear it with the high heels stilettos and long coat or leather jacket slung over your shoulders.

White boho polka dot dress

white polka dot dress
Many polka dots can be seen on the elegant lace. But in the boho style very often you can find lace on the sleeves or on top. As you can see, this type of dress is also in the photo above. Being white and boho, this polka dot dress is perfect for those hot summer days when you want to get comfortable.
You can wear it with the espadrilles, flats or even with mules.

Cold Shoulders Polka Dot Dress

cold shoulders polka dot dress
One of the most popular lengths these days is the midi length. In the photo above you can see the perfect asymmetrical black dress with ruffles at the top. It has cold shoulders, which makes it very modern. Polka dots make it elegant and add a bit of old-school glamor charm to this whole outfit combo.

Velvet coat + polka dot dress

Velvet coat polka dot dress
This is a great button down polka dot dress. It has a bow neckline and a big slit that makes it very sexy and elegant.
Velvet is one of the fall trends for this year. So wearing the velvet coat will make you very fashionable.
Combine it with the statement bag and nice stilettos or sandals.

Pink polka dot dress

pink polka dot dress
Pink is a color of the season, so be sure to wear it this fall! This is one of the suggestions on how to wear it. Put on a fuchsia color maxi polka dot dress. It has a very interesting strap around the waist that makes it look like it’s wrapped around your body. It also has a strapless neckline and ruffles at the friction of the dress. Ideal for everyday walks or for more elegant occasions in combination with heels.

Layered Polka Dot Dress

layered polka dot dress
If you want to keep that old and retro movie vibe all you have to do is wear a layered ruffle dress! It looks absolutely amazing and gets you ready for a dance!
The length is midi and it has the straps on the shoulders. It has great detail. So be prepared to be the main character in any event you attend.

Transparent polka dot dress

transparent polka dot dress
Finally, something more eccentric. This dress is intended only for girls who are fans of transparent materials and are not afraid of them.
Although it doesn’t show too much, this dress is made of sheer material and has polka dots all over. In case you were wondering why you need to wear the classic black dress below, this is to prevent this material from showing too much.
Sneakers go very well with it. So try to put them on if you like this mix of sporty and dressy pieces.

Don’t be afraid to look too retro or too childish with polka dots. It is very fashionable to wear this pattern. And it will always be stylish, so make sure you have at least some staples with polka dots on them.

I hope you find your inspiration in these outfits that I have prepared for you today.

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