Flared pants

Flared pants

Exposed pants are men’s and women’s pants made from denim, corduroy, or other material, where the pant legs are wider at the bottom. Pants, long out of fashion, are back in fashion, especially among teenagers.

Classification of the category of pants

The shape of the legs is typical of bell-bottoms. In contrast to all other trouser models, the trouser legs are much wider from the knee to the bottom. The term “punch” probably comes from the fact that the legs hit each other when walking. The shape is most similar to a funnel, trumpet or bell. Hence the English term “Bell Bottom”.

origin and distribution

Flared trousers aren’t just a fad – workwear is their origin. Pants with a pronounced flare are an essential part of guild attire, especially for sailors and carpenters.

The wide hem prevents the ingress of dirt and especially into the shoes. The fashion of the 60s and 70s in particular was characterized by the funky, cheerful hippie style.

At this point, the popularity of flared trousers reached its absolute peak. Particularly chic models were those with a pleated fold on the lower leg, which was often decorated with a small chain.

While the flared trousers were a bit tight on the thigh, the blast of fire almost fieryly jumped apart. Torches disappeared from the street scene with the cool ’80s, only to return with the rise of techno and rave scenes in the ’90s. Just like decades ago, it was now available in a cool waist, bright colors and lustrous lurex fabrics – as if it had been created to exude joie de vivre, trendiness, fashion sense and a bit of madness.

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