Long Pixie Haircuts

Long Pixie Haircuts

Pixie hairstyles are meant for girls who love functionality, are easy to maintain, and look daring and bold every day. Pixie haircuts have become a classic among girls’ short haircuts because they are very comfortable to wear and can be styled in several different ways, especially if you choose a longer pixie. Let’s take a look at some longer pixie ideas.

Asymmetrical long pixie

Asymmetrical long elves are among the top trends in haircuts and hairstyles as they look very bold and can be styled in different ways: side-swept, messy, sleek and so on. You can even go for a pixie bob if you want, which is also very eye-catching. To add strength to your hair, choose balayage in a trendy color, e.g. B. Gray or Purple.

Long pixie

A longer pixie haircut looks softer than an asymmetrical one and can also be styled sleek or messy to give it dimension. Plus, you can sweep it off the side and even add volume to your bangs to keep them up. Bold hair coloring and trendy balayage add dimension and interest to your hair. Try different ideas including ombre. Get inspired!

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