Adam Levine Haircuts Hairstyles

Adam Levine Haircuts Hairstyles

Adam Levine, the lead singer of the Los Angeles pop-rock band Maroon 5, is a famous and sexy playboy and style icon for many men and has never been referred to as the sexiest man alive by various magazines. He’s always different, not like before, he tries out new styles, new looks and daring outfits. Love or hate him, he’s a star whose influence on fashion has been phenomenal.

Today I want to inspire you with some of his looks, and maybe you guys can repeat some of those haircuts that are really great.

Adam can find himself in different situations and his hair compliments any of his looks. Whenever he’s in his official look, it’s a short trim that brushes the sides into a downward path, with the longer top styled into a shiny mop. It’s perfect and, of course, one of the most iconic cuts he pulls off from time to time.

The red carpets are a norm he has to live with. To look impressive as always, the star here opted for the spiked top and you wouldn’t have advised him otherwise if you had been his stylist. The sides fade with a downward facing comb, while the top is left with sharp points that point slightly back. Spiky all the top is such a size that it highlights his beautiful looks and the girls get mad when he climbs on stage.

Whenever Levine goes for a walk with a friend, he doesn’t let his style down. His hair is styled in a high-top flip with falling sides that are combed to a smooth delicacy. Every detail is made with the intent to highlight his gorgeous cheekbones and face.

When he performs, his hair makes a big impression on fans. He has many options for making his appearance even better. He can leave the top, is wild, long and wavy to an admiration that is noticeable from all angles. The upper crown is running and shaggy with an insignificant flap backwards. While he’s known for his soft-looking cuts, the shagginess doesn’t tarnish his beauty. Another idea is to hold its long top patch by the sides and it can easily be styled with your fingers. Usually its sides are drawn down and what an awning look when you look at it on stage. The lower sides are shaved down to the skin. Another option is to leave the top wide as it starts from the side lintels and rises as the length increases. It makes a flattened bed with an ascending bundle in the front. On the forehead, the intent is for short bangs that emanate from the corners of the part.

Get more of his adorable hairstyles and hairstyles below!

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