How to Wear Open Toe Booties

How to Wear Open Toe Booties

Open toe booties can spice up your spring, fall and winter outfit. Now let’s talk about some of my favorite outfit ideas:

Wear it with a denim shirt, denim shorts and a trench coat

black trench coat with denim outfit and open toe boots

If you’re not afraid of the cold, wearing denim shorts in the fall is a great way to draw a lot of attention. You can pair the denim shorts with a denim shirt, long trench coat and black open toe boots.

Wear with military jacket

Open toe military jacket

For a more typical but gorgeous fall outfit, you can wear a military jacket with skinny jeans with cuffs and brown peep toes. Add more character with a stylish long necklace and brown wallet to match your booties.

Wear it with a boho dress

black boho dress with open toe boots

A boho dress and open toe ankle boots are a great match. Choose a black boho dress to pair with matte brown boots. Complete the outfit with a boho-style necklace. This is a refreshing spring outfit that easily stands out from the crowd.

Wear yours with a black cable sweater and jeans

black knit sweater with open toe boots

This is another subtly beautiful outfit for fall. Wear brown or red open-toe ankle boots, a horizontally striped black and white t-shirt and a black sweater. The combination of layering and color is what makes this outfit so comfortable.

Wear it with a leather jacket and a white sweater

white sweater leather jacket open toe boots

A stylish and fun way to wear the leather jacket is by wearing a gray or brown jacket with a pair of matching open toe boots. You should also wear a white sweater and light blue jeans to complete this simple yet stunning outfit. I know black leather jackets are so dark and cool, but it’s fun to try a different color sometimes and look happy and bright.

Wear it with a green dress and a black leather jacket

green dress black leather jacket open toe boots

Now let’s talk about the classic black leather jacket. You can try a dress with a sharper color like green or brown. For the shoes, pair the black leather jacket with black leather open toe boots.

Peep toe booties with white shirt and jacket

white shirt and jacket with peep toe booties

This outfit idea makes a good business casual look. You can simply wear a white shirt and blazer to pair it with skinny jeans and the boots. This is a very simple and low key way to style open toe boots. It’s an outfit that looks both casual and chic.

Wear yours with a black leather vest and skirt

Leather Vest Rock Peep Toe Booties

This outfit is a very artistic outfit suitable for those of you who do creative work like designers and artists. Wear a black leather vest and a black skirt with black open toe boots to complete this dark and artsy all black look. You don’t see the leather vest on the street every day and that’s why the outfit is so unique.

Wear it with a long sweater jacket and boyfriend jeans

Boyfriend Jeans Long Sweater Jacket Open Toe Ankle Boots

If you’re a fan of the boyfriend fashion trend, you’re sure to like this outfit idea. The top is long white boyfriend jeans with ripped boyfriend jeans at the bottom. Then wear a long black sweater jacket and open toe ankle boots. You might also want to add a twist and artistic elements to the look by wearing a black hat.

Wear it with a white leather jacket and black leather trousers

white leather jacket with open toe boots

The boots not only look good with the black leather jacket, a white leather jacket can also work wonderfully. For example, you can wear a white t-shirt, black leather pants, black open toe boots and a white leather jacket for a very stylish look. It’s as cool as the black leather jacket outfit but not as dark. Both are great. It’s just a question of which color suits your character better.

Wear yours with a horizontal striped tee and cuffed jeans

horizontal striped open toe t-shirt

This is a minimal spring or summer look that will make you look gorgeous especially on a sunny day. It is very likely that you already have all the items needed for this outfit in your closet. Opt for a navy or black striped long sleeve tee and light blue cuffed jeans. For the shoes, choose the light pink, tan or light gray open toe ankle boots. You might want to add the finishing touch with a thick belt of sharp color.

Wear it with a long cardigan and skirt

long cardin skirt open toe boots

Long Cardigan is a magical item that can be added to your regular outfit and instantly make it look twice as good. In this case, it’s just a simple white top and black skirt combo. The black ankle boots and the cardigan make the overall look much more feminine and elegant.

Wear it with a yellow skirt and a black leather jacket

yellow skirt open toe boots

It’s not common to wear yellow skirts or dresses every day, but you should try it every once in a while because you’ll only look bright and chic if you style it right. A good way to wear it is by pairing a yellow flared skirt with a black sweater and a black leather jacket. Wear black ankle boots to match the leather jacket.

Wear it with khaki shorts and a white sweater

white sweater khaki shorts open toe boots

Here’s one you might want to try in spring, especially if you have nice long legs. Wear a white long sleeve sweater with khaki shorts and black boots. The knit hat is optional but adds some cuteness and playfulness to your overall look.

Wear it with a trench vest and a blue shirt

Trench Vest Open Toe Booties

The trench vest can be a very interesting piece as long as you know how to style it. For a professional yet artistic look, you can wear a blue shirt, black skinny jeans and black ankle boots with the trench vest. With this outfit you look unique.

I hope you enjoy the outfit ideas I just shared. As you can see, shoes can add a lot to your overall look. So see you next time you play mix and match with your clothes and shoes.

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