How to wear a white bodycon dress

How to wear a white bodycon dress

One of the most popular types of dresses that people would wear to proms and cocktail parties is the bodycon dress. Black is definitely the most popular color when it comes to the bodycon dress. On the other hand, the white bodycon dress also looks very nice, but it’s definitely harder to take off. One of the reasons is that white makes you look slim like black. Another reason is that a white bodycon dress can look like underwear if you don’t style it right. To get you off to a great start, I’ve rounded up some of the best white bodycon outfit ideas to share with you right now.

White Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress


Let’s start the list with a white long sleeve bodycon dress that is easy to slip off. You still need to be relatively fit to look good in this dress as it easily shows that you have love handles when you are in really bad shape. But in general, this dress does not have a deep V-neckline or backless cut, and looks simple and beautiful. You can pair it with pointed toe heels to complete the outfit neatly.

White two piece knee length bodycon dress

White Two Piece Bodycon Knee Length Dress

If you are looking for a dress that will make you stand out from the crowd at a cocktail party, then here is an extremely sexy two piece bodycon dress. The upper part is a scalloped short-sleeved crop top with a deep V-neckline, while the lower part is a slim, knee-length pencil skirt. You can wear it with silver open toe heels to add an elegant touch to the outfit.

White, figure-hugging mini dress with halterneck crochet

white halterneck crochet mini dress

Sometimes, while everyone else is wearing sexy dresses, you can stand out from them by wearing a slim white lace crochet bodycon dress. For the shoes, I would recommend wearing white heels with open toes for a clean looking all white outfit.

White deep V-neck bodycon dress with lace padding

white, form-fitting lace overlay with a deep V-neckline

Of course, if you don’t mind showing such skin, there are plenty of white bodycon dresses that are cut extremely sexy. For example, this is a bodycon dress that features a white spaghetti strap and a deep V-neckline with some elegant lace detailing. Wear white open toe heels and an ivory clutch to give this pretty dress a sophisticated look.

White lace midi bodycon dress

bodycon midi dress made of white lace

As you can see from the previous outfit, some lace details emphasize the elegance of a dress. Here is another beautiful dress with lace details. It is a two layer white bodycon dress where the inner layer is a bodycon mini dress and the outer layer is a semi-sheer knee length lace dress. A pair of simple light pink heels would be a good choice for the shoes.

White bodycon mini dress with long sleeves and a subtle pattern

White Subtle Pattern Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress

Let’s say you are a manager or a boss and you always get dressed when you go to work. Imagine a corporate cocktail party or annual dinner. I bet some of you don’t want to turn 180 degrees and wear a sexy and ladylike outfit. In this case, you should dress elegantly, powerfully, yet beautifully. For example, you can wear a white long-sleeved bodycon dress with a subtle pattern. Keep your hairstyle simple. Wear a white clutch bag and a silver open toe ankle strap to complete this classy look.

White strapless bodycon mini dress with slit

white strapless bodycon mini dress slit

If you want to look sexy for a cocktail party but a plunging V-neck dress is a little too much for you, consider wearing a white strapless bodycon mini dress. This dress also has a slit that allows you to show off your long legs better. You can wear the dress simply with light pink ankle straps with open toes for a sleek and sexy look.

Bodycon dress with white spaghetti straps

white bodycon dress with spaghetti straps

For a minimal look, wear this simple and clean white tube dress with spaghetti straps. Pair it with silver heels and a white choker to complete this simple and stylish look.

White midi dress with a camel coat over the shoulders

white midi dress camel coat over the shoulders

Just before stepping into a cocktail party, it’s a good idea to drape a coat or jacket over your shoulders to keep you warm and look super chic too. For example, you can wear a white deep V-neck bodycon midi dress and drape a camel wool coat over your shoulders. Wear pink heels to complete this outfit for a chic touch.

Bodycon mini dress with long sleeves

long-sleeved, figure-hugging mini dress

You can definitely style a white bodycon dress as part of a business casual outfit. There are some things you need to be careful about. For one thing, don’t wear a plunging V-neck. Second, carry an elegant clutch. Simply pair the dress with white open toe heels to complete the outfit. If the outfit is still a bit too much for your workplace, you can reserve the outfit for corporate events instead.

White deep V-neck bodycon dress with faux fur coat

White Deep V-Neck Bodycon Dress with Faux Fur Coat

When wearing a white bodycon mini dress to a prom, you can make yourself really classy and elegant by wearing a faux fur coat over the dress. For the shoes, you can wear white strappy open toe sandals.

Off The Shoulder Bodycon Midi Dress

strapless bodycon midi dress

If you have fair skin and shoulders, wearing an off the shoulder white dress will make you shine at a cocktail party or any formal event. This particular dress features an elegant and creative double strap design, which makes the dress even more eye-catching. I would recommend that you wear a silver open toe ankle strap to add a touch of elegance to the outfit.

White Two Tone Bodycon Dress

White Two Tone Bodycon Dress

Here is a sexy and feminine two tone white bodycon dress. The upper part is lace while the lower part is a white pencil skirt with a lace pad. White open toe heels would be the perfect choice for the shoes.

White long sleeve crochet mini dress

white long sleeve crochet mini dress

If you have nice legs, one way of dressing that can accentuate your legs is to wear a long-sleeved mini dress. The concept is to cover every part of your body except your legs. For example, you can wear this white crochet mini dress with long sleeves and white heels to achieve this remarkable look.

Floral print halterneck dress

Figure hugging dress with halterneck floral print

For a fun and ladylike look, you can wear this white fitted halter dress with a beautiful floral print. Pair the dress with silver heels and an open toe strap to complete this unique and adorable look. By the way, if you want to see more outfits with similar shoes, read our blog post on how to style silver strappy sandals.

I hope you enjoy these white bodycon outfit ideas. At the beginning of this writing, I mentioned that the white bodycon dress is more difficult to style than the black one. However, if you follow the outfit ideas above and then throw in a little week here and there, I’m pretty sure you’re ready to throw your neck cocktail party.

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