How To Get Hollywood Waves

There are many different types of curls, each of which will suit a specific occasion. If you’re having a formal event, then definitely give Hollywood waves a go. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it literally suits everyone. It’s utterly elegant, classy, ​​and perfect for those evenings when you look so elegant. Plus, Hollywood waves still look amazing on day two, so the next morning after the party you can forget about style your hair – just brush it and go. If you think Hollywood waves is such a hairstyle that only a professional can handle, I’m going to prove you are wrong today. You can master this curled hairstyle all on your own by using supplies that you most likely already have at home.

1 inch curling iron, some bobby pins and clips, and a wide tooth comb are all you need to start the tutorial. You just need to stop worrying about complications and trouble, just pick up the supplies and get started. In short, you need to divide your hair into four large sections, select small parts of them, and curl them with a curling iron, pinning the curls in place. Once you are done with all of the hair, let your waves cool down a bit and only then remove the pins. After combing through the curls, you will get the softest and most romantic wave hairstyle. If you need more detailed instructions please visit

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