D Frame Sunglasses

D-frame sunglasses have a slim line and look very futuristic. Such sunglasses were a hot trend in the 2000s and now this fashion is returning. Now you can see them on many celebrities and fashionistas, they come in a variety of colors and shades and they are perfect for a day off without a rest!

Take a look at the shapes that flatter you – the top is flat, of course, but the bottom of your sunglasses should complete the look. You can rock classic base tones like brown and black, or opt for whimsical hues like pink or orange, and ombre effects are welcome too! The frames can also be different – from an almost invisible and hidden one for a more futuristic look to a combination of old and new in a black or tortoiseshell frame. Such sunglasses can be worn with casual or sporty outfits and also go well with the office style. It depends on the look and shape chosen. Get inspired!

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