Crew Cut Hairstyles For Guys

Crew Cut Hairstyles For Guys

The crew cut consists of short strands that sit upright. These strands are usually tiered with the longest hair at the hairline and the shortest strands at the crown to create a mostly flat, horizontal appearance for the side. The crew cut is a classic yet stylish men’s haircut that is masculine and easy to care for and offers a sporty, practical way to style hair for men. No matter how you want your crew to cut the haircut – short, long, faded, or paired with a beard – this cool hairstyle for men has grown in popularity in recent years and is definitely worth trying out in 2019. Check out these examples!

Crew cuts with fade

If you want a fresher and more modern look, go for a crew cut with a fade and possibly add a beard – a look like this won’t go unnoticed. There are several different types of transitions that you can include so that you can vary your look a lot.

Other crew cuts

If you want something a little more conservative, you can opt for a classic or an Ivy League crew cut. Longer and spiky crew cuts are also welcome for more texture and interest. Let yourself be inspired by other ideas!

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