Clock Women Tattoo Ideas

Clock Women Tattoo Ideas

You may remember the article on Gorgeous Watch Tattoo Ideas For Men. Well, women often choose these types of tattoos as well, so let’s find out more about them today. It is very easy to guess that the clock tattoo is a symbol of life and death. It reminds us that our time never stops and we must enjoy all the moments in our lives. Sometimes clock tattoo means a special moment that you will never forget. So many women add a date or important phrases to this type of tattoo. A clock with flower tattoo means endless love, so women pick them up more often compared to men, maybe it’s all because they are more romantic. Now you can look below for more inspiration and review some tattoo ideas.

Black clock tattoo ideas

Sometimes you don’t need too much extra detail on your tattoo to make it look perfect. Here’s how you can choose a simple black minimalist clock tattoo and place it on your wrists or a neck. Even black and white colored roses look great so you can add flowers (one or more) to your tattoo and ink them on your arms or legs. Another popular tattoo idea is a clock with wings. You can ask your tattoo artist to put such a tattoo on your back or your shoulders.

Colorful clock tattoo ideas

No doubt, colored tattoos look fresh and eye-catching! So choose your favorite colors and add them to your tattoos. You can get a tattoo of bright flowers: you can pick up ordinary red roses, unique pink lilies, or gentle pale pink cherry blossoms. You can decorate your tattoo with cute blue or purple butterflies (or even a clock tattoo with butterfly wings) and lots of green. If you really love music, add a treble clef, musical notes, and musical instruments to your tattoo details.

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