Green skinny jeans outfit ideas

Green skinny jeans outfit ideas

For the majority of people who wear jeans, they only wear blue jeans. There’s a small group of people who actually have more fun by adding white and gray jeans to their outfit game. For even more fun, check out green skinny jeans and see if you can make them a part of your everyday outfit. To get you off to a great start, I’ve rounded up some of the best green skinny jean ideas and I’m going to share them with you now.

Dark blue and white striped t-shirt with olive green skinny jeans


This first outfit I’m going to share with you shouldn’t come as a surprise. If you wear blue jeans all the time, you should know that the dark blue and white striped t-shirt goes perfectly with jeans. It looks like the same style applies when the blue jeans are replaced with green skinny jeans. To combine the striped t-shirt and green jeans, simply wear pink loafers to complete the outfit in style.

Green jeans with a white button down shirt and a gray cardigan

green jeans white button white shirt gray sweater

For a nice and neat outfit that is perfect for a casual Friday, you can wear a white button down shirt and a gray cardigan for the top. For bottom, wear the green skinny jeans and camel suede ankle boots to complete this handsome work outfit.

White knotted cropped t-shirt paired with green cuffed skinny jeans

white knotted short t-shirt green skinny jeans with cuffs

Since some of you blue jean fans out there are waiting for the pairing of jeans and low top converse, here is one for you. This is a low key sexy outfit that consists of a white knotted cropped t-shirt, green cuffed jeans and the classic all white low top Converse. If you have no idea how to style the green jeans, sometimes you style them like you would style the blue jeans.

Wear it with casual black and white blazers

casual black and white blazer

This outfit consists of a black and white striped blazer. The blazer is made from a soft fabric and has a relaxed fit suitable for both work and play. Wear the blazer with a white tee, green skinny jeans and gray open toe heels to complete the look.

White boho blouse with green skinny jeans

white boho blouse green skinny jeans

Since green is the color of grass, it makes sense to make the green skinny jeans a boho-refreshing outfit. To achieve this look you can wear white boho style blouse with tribal print and the green skinny pants. Pair it with black heeled sandals and a black and white clutch bag to complete this fresh and breezy look.

Wear yours with a white tank top and denim vest

white tank top denim vest

For a stylish spring look, you can wear a white tank top with a blue denim vest as a top. Wear green skinny jeans with cuffs and nude boho sandals for the buttocks. Wear a straw hat and a boho-style long necklace to add extra style to the outfit.

Wear it with a black and white striped t-shirt and a white blazer

black and white striped t-shirt blazer

For chic off-duty attire perfect for those of you working in the creative industries, pair a black and white striped tee with a white blazer. Pair the pieces with cuffed green skinny jeans and a deep camisole to complete this look with plenty of character.

Black long sleeve t-shirt with green skinny jeans

black long sleeve t-shirt green skinny jeans

Here’s another dressy casual look, but this time the outfit is a little simpler and darker. The outfit consists of a black long sleeve t-shirt, green skinny jeans and black suede boots. This would be a great off-duty outfit for a casual hangout.

Gray sweater with light green skinny jeans

gray sweater lime green skinny jeans

Now instead of olive green or army green jeans, let’s look at something that is much lighter and happier, the lime green skinny jeans. You can wear them with a gray and black sweater and a pair of black ballet flats for a striking street look.

Wear it with a black and white striped long sleeve t-shirt

black and white striped long sleeve t-shirt

Nowadays, many of us don’t wear belts anymore because jeans look more casual and very often prettier without a belt. But if your goal is to look too smart and professional, a belt can do just that. For example, you can wear a black belt with the black and white striped t-shirt, green skinny jeans and nude heels with ankle straps to complete a smart and classy casual outfit.

Wear it with a white printed t-shirt and a black leather jacket

white printed t-shirt black leather jacket

A printed t-shirt usually makes an outfit look more casual. Sometimes you can even use a printed t-shirt to convey a message you believe in. For this outfit, the white printed t-shirt is paired with a black leather jacket, green jeans and brown suede knee high boots for a signature look and message.

Wear with a white button-up boyfriend shirt

white shirt with buttons

For a chic casual outfit that you can wear as a business casual outfit for work, you can wear a white button down shirt and green skinny jeans. The pair of camel suede ankle boots is the perfect choice to add chic to your outfit.

Wear it with a white chunky sweater and black floppy hat

white chunky sweater black floppy hat

For a fresh and airy look, you can wear a white chunky sweater with green jeans and camel boots. Wear a black floppy hat to add an artistic touch to your outfit. I have indeed written about some black floppy hat outfit ideas that you might want to try.

White Button Up Oversized Shirt with Green Jeans

white button oversized shirt green jeans

For a stylish and slightly boyish look, you can simply wear a white oversized shirt with green skinny jeans. A pair of black heels with ankle straps is a great combination of shoes for your work outfit.

Wear it with a black cardigan and ankle boots

black cardigan ankle boots

For a very understated casual look, you can simply wear a black cardigan with a black t-shirt as a top. Wear green skinny jeans with black suede boots for the buttocks.

Here are the green skinny jeans outfits that I really want to share with you. The world of jeans is a big fashion world in itself. Try to add more color to your jeans game and you will get a lot of fun and beauty from it.

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