Black leather dress outfits

Black leather dress outfits

If you love wearing leather, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with styling leather jackets, skirts, and pants. But if you have never tried wearing the black leather dress, you are actually missing out on a lot of fun. There are so many different styles and necklines of black leather dresses that you can add real interest to your cocktail party outfits. To better show you how good you can look with them, I have rounded up some of the best black leather dress outfit ideas for you. Let’s look at them now.

Black leather sleeveless bodycon midi dress


This list of black leather dress outfit ideas will be very exciting and creative. But at the beginning I will show you a very typical and easy to take off outfit. This dress here is a sleeveless black leather mini dress. You can easily pair it with black pointed toe heels to create a feminine and stylish look.

Short sleeve black leather mini dress

Short sleeve mini black leather dress

Here is another outfit that is very easy to take off. To achieve this minimal look, you can wear a short sleeve black leather mini dress. Pair it with burgundy suede heels with ankle straps to add a feminine and elegant touch to the outfit. Finally, you can wear a brown clutch bag to make the outfit even more stylish.

Black wrap dress with wrap straps

black leather dress with spaghetti straps

For a sexy look, you can wear this black spaghetti strap, sweetheart neckline and black leather wrap dress. Not only do you have to show a lot of skin, which makes the outfit extremely sexy, but you also have to have a very skinny fit that allows you to show off your curves. It’s not that easy to deal with. But if you are in good shape, you can wear this black heeled dress for an amazing look.

Black leather pipe dress with front zip closure

black leather pipe dress zipper front detials

Here’s a low key sexy outfit that’s a bit tough and rough. To achieve this absolutely eye-catching look, you can simply wear a black leather cane dress that includes some masculine details like a silver zipper. Wear black leather ankle boots for shoes to do justice to the cool and dark feel.

Black leather sleeveless mini skater dress

black leather sleeveless mini skater dress

Now let’s do a 180 degree turn and look at an adorable and cute outfit. To achieve this look, you can wear a black leather mini dress. Not only does this dress look cute, it also comes with a silver studded belt to add a very stylish and interesting contrast. To complete the outfit in a nice way, you can wear a pair of black suede ankle boots.

Black knee-length sheath dress with red ballerinas

black knee-length sheath dress red ballet shoes

This is a very simple outfit that is perfect for cocktail parties. You can simply wear a sleeveless knee-length black leather sheath dress and pair it with a pair of shiny red ballet flats. To add a feminine touch, you can use some casual necklaces to complete this minimal outfit.

Two piece two piece leather skater dress with short sleeves

two-piece leather skater dress with short sleeves

Here is a very unique and stylish two piece dress. It’s not your typical two-piece dress, with a crop top and fitted skirt. Instead, it consists of a black leather short sleeve t-shirt and a matching skater mini skirt. How often do you see a black leather t-shirt? This dress just looks amazing. You can easily pair it with black ballet flats to shine at a cocktail party.

Black Sweetheart Cut Out Bodycon Mini Dress With Leather Jacket

black sweetheart neckline bodycon mini dress leather jacket

For a more mature and empowered look, you can wear a bodycon mini dress with a black leather neckline and slit. Drape a black leather jacket over your shoulders for a chic look. For a more feminine look complete this outfit with black pointed toe pumps and a black leather clutch.

Black pleated leather skater dress over turtleneck sweater

Black Pleated Leather Skater Dress Over Turtleneck

This outfit is a very interesting and beautifully layered outfit. To achieve this, you can wear a gray turtleneck. Wear yours with a black leather sleeveless skater dress. Create another stylish layer by wearing black leggings. Complete your outfit with black leather boots for a stylish finish.

Black leather t-shirt dress

black leather t-shirt dress

It’s very rare to see a black leather t-shirt. Seeing a black leather t-shirt dress is even more, but it certainly looks gorgeous. For styling, you can simply wear it with black leather boots and a black leather handbag for a remarkable all black leather outfit.

Black leather bodycon mini dress with three quarter sleeves

Figure-hugging mini dress in black leather with three-quarter sleeves

At first glance, this looks like a flat leather dress with three-quarter sleeves. But wearing it with a statement jacket, a silver clutch handbag and a pair of black open toe heels is an easy way to stand out from the crowd without having to show your skin.

Black leather sheath dress with yellow shoes

black leather shift dress yellow shoes

For those of you who don’t like to look too shiny and flamboyant, here is a gorgeous semi-shiny black leather shift dress. It’s a dress that has a relaxed fit and isn’t difficult to take off at all. You can jazz up the outfit a bit by pairing the dress with a pair of yellow pointed toe heels.

Black leather dress and flared mini dress

Black Leather Fit and Flare Mini Dress

This is a stylish and youthful black leather fit and flare pleated mini dress. You can make the outfit more classy by wearing golden heels. It’s special for you when you have some nice legs to show off.

Black bodycon dress with lace-up neckline

black bodycon dress with choker neckline

Here is a really sexy black leather bodycon mini dress. It has that sexy lace up front detail leading to the stylish neckline. You can pair the dress with black suede pointed toe heels to add a feminine touch to the look.

Bodycon knee-length dress in off-the-shoulder leather

Bodycon knee length strapless leather dress

To look minimalistic and stylish, you can wear this off the shoulder black leather dress. Just pair it with black open toe heels and a black clutch bag to look simple and understated sexy.

Here are some really amazing black leather dress outfit ideas that I want to share with you. Try these outfits and see how they suit you. Maybe they can inspire you to come up with a dreamy outfit for your next cocktail party or meeting with your friends.

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