How to Wear a Black Flapper Dress

How to Wear a Black Flapper Dress

If you are looking for a black dress that you can wear either casually or to a cocktail party, consider a black flapper dress. It’s usually very easy to peel off. Some of the black flapper dresses with sequins might be fancier and perfect for parties while others are just casual looking shift dresses and shift dresses. For this blog post, I have compiled a list of the best looking black flapper outfits. Let’s look at it now.

Black Fur Sequin Flapper Dress


I’ll start the list with this eye-catching black sequined flapper dress that’s perfect for proms and cocktail parties. With this sparkly black dress I would recommend wearing a pair of silver open toe heels to complete this stylish look.

Black Plunging VV Neck Shift Flapper Dress

black flapper dress with deep V-neckline

This dress can be seen as a variation of the previous one. This deep V-neck black flapper dress has some very nice details. It is a cotton dress with some sequin patterns. In other words, it is a black dress that has two different types of black color: a matte black and a glossy black. I’d recommend pushing the envelope even further by wearing a pair of black sequined heels.

Black cold shoulder shift dress with multiple fringes

black cold shoulder shift dress with multiple fringes

Not only can the fringes appear at the hem of a dress, you can wear a dress with layers of fringes all over the dress. This black cold should be a good example of that. Wear a pair of silver strappy open toe sandals to add a touch of sophistication to the outfit.

Black belted dress with spaghetti straps

black belted dress with spaghetti straps

This cute dress is a black dress with a spaghetti strap and a belt. If you look closely, it’s actually a fringed semi-chiffon dress. Wear the dress with silver sandals with glittery heels and a long boho-style necklace to complete the outfit in style.

Black sleeveless sheath dress with fringes on the back

black sleeveless shift dress fringes on the back

For a ladylike look, you can wear this black sleeveless sheath dress that has a very unique and feminine fringe design. The fringes are attached at the back of the dress and people can see them flowing like a blanket scarf when looking from the front. The dress also has a very beautiful embroidered collar that makes the dress so unique. Although silver heels would work, I would recommend wearing black open heels with ankle straps to complete the outfit with elegance.

Black sleeveless bodycon top with fringed leather mini skirt

black sleeveless leather bodycon mini skirt with fringes at the top

This outfit is a dark and cool outfit idea that contains a touch of sexuality. To achieve this look, wear a black sleeveless bodycon sweater for the top. Wear a black fringe leather mini skirt and black bottom gladiator sandals to complete this stunning outfit.

Bodycon mini dress with black flapper sleeves

black bodycon mini dress with flapper sleeves

Without the fringes, this black dress is just a typical black long sleeve bodycon mini dress, nice but a little uninteresting. Now with the bangs, the dress has so much more character. Wear the dress with silver heels to show off this outfit better.

Denim shorts with a black flapper shift dress

Denim shorts black flapper shift dress

A stylish and casual way to wear a black flapper mini dress is to wear it with jean shorts and let the jean shorts peek out. Wear creative and beautiful nude knee high strappy sandals to complete the outfit with a touch of boho style.

Black sleeveless printed shirt dress with long fringes

black sleeveless printed shirt dress with long fringes

For a hip-hop street look, you might want to wear a black t-shirt dress with a sleeveless print and long fringes. It is a mini dress that is transformed into a maxi dress by the closely spaced fringes. Complete your outfit with black leather boots. If you want to see more outfit ideas for similar shoes, maybe check out our blog post on styling leather ankle boots.

Black Bodycon Dress with Sequins

Black Bodycon Dress with Sequins

This is a gorgeous black sequin bodycon dress with a long faux pearl necklace. Simply wear it with black heels to create this outfit that is perfect for a cocktail party.

Black teddy bodycon flapper mini dress

black teddy bodycon flapper mini dress

Here is an adorable black fluffy dress. It’s also a form-fitting mini dress with subtle fringes at the hem. Wear the dress with black ankle straps and open toe heels to complete your outfit.

One shoulder flapper dress with a wide brown leather belt

an epaulette dress with a wide brown leather belt

For a stylish asymmetrical look, you can wear a demure, sexy, off-the-shoulder, one-shoulder knitted sweater dress. A wide brown leather belt and a pair of brown leather sandals are ideal for a beautiful and stylish look. The pieces just seem to work flawlessly together for this outfit. It’s easily my favorite outfit among this list.

Black sheath dress with spaghetti straps

black sheath dress with spaghetti straps

For a cocktail party, you don’t always have to show your skin or clothes very loud and shiny. There are always people who just want to show up, have fun, look good but don’t want to get too much attention. For those of you who belong to this group and want to look demurely beautiful, wear this black flapper dress with a spaghetti strap. Simply wear a black ankle strap with open toes to complete the outfit. Check out this picture, you don’t really have to show a lot of skin but I’m pretty sure most of you would think this outfit is gorgeous.

Halter plunging V-neck maxi dress

Plunging maxi dress with a deep V-neckline

On the other hand, if you want to catch people’s attention with a black dress, here is a pretty deep V-neck halter maxi dress. The halter design naturally leads to the deep V-neckline. With all the fringes, it’s like wearing a long dress with not just one or two slits, but hundreds of slits. Wear the dress creatively with black gladiator sandals to complete your outfit.

Asymmetric flai midi dress with one sleeve

asymmetrical midi dress with flapper and one sleeve

Among this list, this outfit has the most character. Wear this asymmetrical black flapper dress with one sleeve, black crew socks and leather boots to achieve this amazing look.

I hope you enjoy the black flapper outfit ideas I just shared with you. Check out our other blog posts on this site for thousands more outfit ideas.

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