western boots

western boots

Western boots, often referred to as western boots or cowboy boots, are particularly extravagant leather boots and mostly with ornaments, which are mainly worn by motorcyclists or men and women who love the Wild West.

Classification of the western boots category

Western boots are popularly known as cowboy boots and are a special form of boot. They became popular in the early 1960s as more and more American westerns were shown in German cinemas. Just like jeans, the western boot is part of the everyday work wear of cowboys, but due to the popularity of films, it has increasingly been worn in private settings.


Is characteristic of the western boot

  • the shaft that reaches mid-calf.

This is provided with two loops on the upper edge of the shaft left and right of the calf, which serve to put on the western boot more comfortably without a shoehorn. The western boot

  • does not quite touch the foot on the instep

which leads to the typical “cowboy gang” when wearing the boots. Another feature of the western boot is

  • the shape of the heel, which is wedge-shaped and rounded on the outer edge.

He is

  • never larger than 5-6 inches

and has this special shape so you can attach spurs to it. These are fastened around the heel with a leather strap and were originally used by cowboys to drive their horses.

That is in today’s fashion world

Today we meet the western boots again and again in the current way. It is often made as a style element in custom colors and leather. The cowboy boot is only partially wearable for men, as it is often associated with clichéd proletarian and macho behavior.

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