Tweed Fringe Dresses Outfits

Tweed Fringe Dresses Outfits

We want to keep telling you about clothes with tweed fringes, and today we want to look at cool and stylish outfit ideas with such clothes. First of all, you have to choose a type of your new item from loose to fitted, sleeveless to long-sleeved, V-neck to button placket, belt to short-sleeved etc. Second, think about a length (and below are mini and knee length dress ideas) and a color. Now you can scroll down to see all of the outfits you’ve collected. Get inspired!

Outfits with mini dresses

If you’re looking for outfit ideas for early fall, you can go for tan high heels with ankle straps and pair them with a light pink leather bag and a mini dress with purple and pink tweed fringes and short sleeves. Or take a loose mini dress with pink tweed fringes and pair it with a white leather bag and boots made of gray suede above the knee. For those who like flashy accessories, I offer to find a pastel colored tweed fringe dress and pair it with a transparent hip bag and white high heels. For an elegant look, you can take a charcoal tweed button-up mini dress with a V-neck and pair it with a Marsala mini bag and black ankle boots.

Outfits with knee length dresses

Don’t be afraid to mix two prints in one look. For example, you can pair a white and black striped shirt with a dark blue plaid tweed dress with sleeveless fringes, a gray leather bag, and beige suede thigh high boots. If you’re looking to create an office outfit, you can go for a gray tweed suit with a fringed sleeveless dress and jacket and pair it with a black leather bag and pumps.

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