Tub chairs – convenience

Tub chairs – convenience

Once upon a time there was a young and creative artisan in France who designed and made chairs for the nobleman. It was the beginning of 18 yearsth Century and the chairs on the market were limited in the designs. The only means of adding comfort and value was upholstery, but our artisan, whose name is not on the pages of history, thought out of the box and crafted a chair that focused solely on comfort. This can be considered the first tub chair in history.

The chair was presented to the court of King Louis XV. Offered by France, which he liked very much and often sat when he held the dish. This was the beginning and these bath chairs were in high demand by people who valued class and comfort. But it was only quite late that it was called a tub chair

Bathtub chair got its name in America when Charles F Montgomery found an interesting piece of furniture and realized it looked exactly like an old-fashioned bathtub. However, since the comfort was undeniable, the market admired the product. The popularity continued to grow and the chair was quickly introduced to Europe and the UK as well. This is a brief note on the history of this chair, allowing you to realize that comfort is the reason it was made.

The modern bath chairs look cute and cozy. You have the feeling of sitting in a safe enclosure, warm in winter. If you sit for a long time, you will not have pain in your legs and back. Tufted pool chairs are an ultimate comfort you can find on the market. Today, this category of furniture is popular all over the world and every home needs it for its homely qualities.

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