Trendy Quilted Coats Outfits

Trendy Quilted Coats Outfits

Quilted coats are a hot outerwear trend this fall and winter. This is a fresh take on traditional coats. If you are fed up with these or want a bit of variety, this is it. Check out some trendy options and choose something for yourself!

Shorter quilted coats

ONE shorter fur can be above the knee or knee, and you can choose any color you like, but if it’s not the only outerwear item in your closet, choose a bold color like emerald, burgundy, mustard or rust. Play around with the cutouts, silhouettes, looks and the length of the sleeves to get what you really like.

Longer quilted coats

The trendiest length for a quilted coat is of course midi. Go for a bold shade or even play with the texture for a velvety or velvet-inspired coat. Skirt buttons, a sash to accentuate your waist, or better, a leather belt to look thinner. Let the following ideas inspire you and enjoy!

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