Tragus Piercing Ideas

Tragus Piercing Ideas

If you want to look unusual, brave and not like everyone else, tragus piercing is your choice! You should keep in mind that it will take a long time to repair such a piercing, but the final look is impressive! They will put a lot of emphasis on your ear and check out these inspiring ideas that we have gathered for you below.

Tragus piercings

If you want something special just go for a tragus piercing and nothing else, it looks bold and chic. Another idea is to combine the tragus piercing with a couple of helix or daith piercings, choosing the same studs or rocking hoops in the helix and studs in the tragus.

Multiple piercings including tragus

Multiple piercings, including a tragus, are a very trendy and bold idea to highlight your ear. Opt for multiple helix, daith, lap and tragus piercings and choose the right earrings for all of them. This way you will get a very stylish look.

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