Traditional shoes for women

Traditional shoes for women

All particular cultures have their own costume. Got the costumes individual accessories and colorsAnd every single dress has its own traditional costume shoes. A costume often contains materials and colors typical of the country. In many cases, the traditional women’s and men’s shoes are decorated with the typical skins, ornaments and flowers of the country. In Germany, the term “traditional shoes” is also used to quickly connect the term Bavarian divideThis is very similar to the alpine trend. This does not necessarily mean that costume shoes are always included edelweiss and a rear roof must be equipped. Therefore, espadrilles, flip-flops and roman sandals belong to the traditional shoes. These shoes have a very specific country of origin. Local materials are used, as is the case with clothing. However, traditional black and brown shoes are very popular for Oktoberfest. Because traditional black and brown shoes suit most costumes.

Different types

Discover different types of traditional shoes. Every country has its own special costume form and its special traditional shoes, ladies and gentlemen. Here it is worth finding out which shoes are worn for traditional costumes in each country. You are sure to find the right pair of traditional shoes in the wide range. However, if you do this Oktoberfest with a traditional costume If you want to visit, you can also find it here.

For men, traditional black shoes are very popular, and brown models are in demand, as they combine very well with the costume. There is one for dirndls Large selectionThere are several traditional women’s shoes that are modern and include heels such as pumps and in the different colors dazzling that you can choose according to the color of your costume.

There are leading brands of traditional shoes. These include:

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