Top tips you should know for bathtub shopping

Top tips you should know for bathtub shopping

Bathtubs are serious business of your bathroom. You must choose them after much consideration in order to achieve a satisfactory bathing experience. Here are a few top tips recommended by the experts to help you choose.

Measure the space available for the bathtub and note the dimensions. Don’t forget to also measure the door from where the bathtub goes into the bathroom. Your bathtub should be smaller than the doorway.

If you are going to get a bigger and deeper bathtub, make sure your water heater is powerful enough to heat the larger amount of water. Slipping into the bathtub with insufficiently warm water is no fun in winter. Make sure your water heater’s capacity will cover the amount of water that will fill your new tub.

If you are planning to buy a spa bath, consult with an experienced electrician. You will need a suitable electrical circuit and panel for your new bathtub. For a professional installation you need a qualified electrician.

Bathtubs come in many different materials. Get a strong, lightweight and affordable fiberglass bathtub. Porcelain is heavy but resistant to corrosion. Choose cast iron bathtubs for a long-term investment. Marbles need more maintenance, but they look more noble and expensive. Choose the material that suits your budget, lifestyle and taste.

Don’t forget the shower. Make sure your new choice has the ability to install a shower. Not all bathtubs are equipped with a shower installation. However, this is an additional feature that will improve your experience of using a new bathtub.

These tips will help you choose a good bathtub. Now you can visit Wayfair and Amazon to check out the latest bathtub deals for a modern bathroom.

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