tooth jewellery

tooth jewellery

A tooth ornament placed on the front teeth is a popular type of decoration and is particularly noticeable among young people. The most sparkling sparkles, dazzling, or even tooth tattoos should always be done by a dentist.

Classification of the tooth jewelry category

Tooth jewelry is mainly worn by young women and has become increasingly popular in recent years. Accordingly, dental practices are increasingly offering this option.

Types of Tooth Jewelry

There are now different types of tooth jewelry:


If you want to make your teeth shine in style, you can stick small glittery stones on your teeth for a while. Small crystals or sparkling gems are applied to the surface of an incisor using a special adhesive, completely painless and without damaging the tooth.

Drilling or the like is not required and removal is completely unproblematic and leaves no traces such as discoloration or scratches on the tooth. The pebbles are round and about 1 millimeter in diameter. You can choose one of the many different colors to suit your taste, for example ruby ​​red, sapphire blue or crystal.

Tattoos and gold plates

Besides the pebbles, there are other types of toothpaste, such as B. tooth tattoos. These are small pictures that you can stick on the tooth. You can also decorate your teeth with what are known as dazzlers, slides made of pure gold with various motifs or sparkles, thin gold plates that have some real diamonds and precious stones embedded in them.

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