Timeless Mens Outer Garments

Timeless Mens Outer Garments

If you’re looking to invest in cool classic things that will serve you for years, I have some brilliant ideas for you! With fall on the cusp, it’s time to think about some outerwear you might need and it’s high time to shop for some cool things. What are the most timeless ideas for men? Just like for girls: a trench coat and a straight coat, they will never go out of style.

Trench coats

A trench coat is an absolutely timeless piece for everyone. You can rock it in any color you want, but of course classic shades are the most preferred: black, beige, gray, navy. Buy an expensive trench that will serve you for years. It can be worn to work with your suits and pants, and to create a more casual, layered look. We all know layers look chic, trendy, and keep you warm.

Straight coats

When it gets colder and a ditch isn’t enough to feel comfortable, you need a sleek coat. Choose a cool, straight coat that can be short or medium in size and that is timelessly long. Both ideas will stylishly cover up any look, from the most relaxed and casual to the austere office. A double-breasted coat is preferable – you may say it’s too conservative, but believe me, it will never go out of style!

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