Timberland Boots Girls Outfits

Timberland Boots Girls Outfits

I’m sure you know and maybe already have Timberland boots and successfully combine them with various items of clothing and accessories. But today I want to share some cool and fashionable outfit ideas with those who are still doubting and reluctant to buy these type of boots. Of course, we’re going to talk about fall and winter outfits because Timberlands are perfect for these times of the year. Originally they were designed for men, but little by little girls have started to incorporate them into their looks. Now let’s look at the collected outfit ideas and after that you want to have these shoes safe!

Sweaters and jackets

If you’re a big fan of casual outfits, pair your Timberland boots with jeans (you can wear distressed, cuffed, or boyfriend boots), a classic button-down shirt, and a printed sweater over your shirt. You can also swap out your sweater for a long sweatshirt or plaid shirt that looks great too. Do you want to add a jacket? Then look for leather, jeans or suede for autumn and lambskin for cold winter days. Looking for sporty outfit ideas? Then combine Timberlands with black or printed leggings, sweatshirt, bomber or puffer jackets and backpack. You should also know that you can choose any color you want, but most fashionistas prefer classic yellow (or brown).

Mini and midi coats

You can also make wonderful and cozy casual outfits with coats. Depending on your preferences, you can take a mini coat, a knee length coat or a midi coat made of different fabrics and combine it with skinny jeans, a wide shirt, an oversized scarf, a cute hat, a shoulder bag and of course Timberlands. Do you want to create feminine looks? Then boldly pair your ankle-length boots (or you can find high ones) with mini skirts or simple fitted dresses, black tights, tote bags and midi coats.

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