Tiger Men Tattoos

Tiger Men Tattoos

I am sure you know that a tiger is one of the most popular animals in the world. This is why people so often do tattoos with tigers. In many cultures, tigers are important symbols, for example in India a symbol of unimaginable destruction, and in Chinese folklore tigers were symbols for the protection of the dead. Nowadays we have different meanings of tiger images so let’s look at them. First of all (and I think it’s obvious) a tiger is a symbol of power and domination, and to reinforce this effect, you can color in a growling and formidable tiger. Second, tiger tattoos can mean protection and guardianship. And third, of course, you can find that tiger tattoos can be symbols of royalty and nobility (below is a general image of a tiger with a crown). If you want to know more about these type of tattoos, scroll down because we have some great ideas prepared for you.

Black Tiger Tattoo Ideas

If you want to go for black tattoos, look out for tribal tattoos. Tribal tiger tattoos stand for dominance, strength, power and fearlessness. These tattoos look great on the back, chest and sides. If you want to show off a tiger as a protector, then follow the pick of many guys who just put a growling tiger’s head on their fists. Do you want a unique tattoo? Then make one half of the tiger face tattoo and place it on one forearm.

Colorful tiger tattoo ideas

If you love clean lines, you can ask your tattoo artist to ink a geometric tiger tattoo and make it colored (use your favorite colors). More often you can find lions with crown tattoos, but of course you can also add a crown to a tiger, e.g. B. an orange-black tiger with a red crown tattoo on the chest.

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