sun hats

sun hats

Sun hats or sun caps protect your head and scalp from the sun and possible sunstroke during a long stay in the blazing sun. Especially people with fair skin, babies and small children should wear a sun hat.

Classification of the coneflower category

What distinguishes sun hats from hats is primarily the brim. This runs completely around the head on the hat.


Sun hats are worn to protect the wearer from the harmful effects of too much sunlight. A sun hat in combination with sun cream is therefore an important tool to protect the body from sunburn and belongs in every suitcase.

A hundred years ago, the hat belonged to every citizen in summer and winter alike. In varying ways, the hat fell more and more into oblivion. Only when doctors increasingly warn of the consequences of sunburn do sun hats become popular again.


When choosing the right sun hat, you should pay attention to the material from which the hat is made. Because in order not to suffer from heat stroke even at high temperatures, the coneflower should be as light and airy as possible. Since it is only intended to protect against the sun and not against rain, it is often woven from straw or crocheted from raffia. The network of these materials is never 100 percent dense, allowing enough air to get to the head.

However, the main disadvantage of these natural raw materials is their short shelf life. Therefore, such hats can only be taken on holiday trips in hat boxes. This causes higher costs for luggage when flying, since the hat box cannot be carried as hand luggage. For the holidays, it is worth buying sun hats made of fabric, which are easy to carry in a suitcase.

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