Summer Outfits With Halter Tops

Summer Outfits With Halter Tops

Halter tops are all the rage this year and they keep getting rocked. They are completely universal and can be worn anywhere from offices to parties. How do you wear one stylish and trendy?

First of all, decide whether you want a top or a body. The latter usually look more perfect and are more elegant as you avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Choose base colors like white, black, tan, dusty pink, or blush – light colors aren’t edgy for crop tops.

Wear a halter top or halter crop top with slouchy pants, baggy jeans, a midi skirt, Bermuda shorts or culottes. Add square toe heels or sneakers, think of a comfortable clutch or bag. You can also add statement earrings and voila to your outfit!

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