Square Toe Shoes Ideas For Summer

Square Toe Shoes Ideas For Summer

Square toe shoes, slippers, mules and other things are what you need this summer – this retro trend is making a big comeback! If you want to add an edge to your outfit, you can easily use a pair of shoes or slippers with square toes. Here are some ideas for wearing them.

What square toe shoes to try

The trendiest options are square toe mules, strappy mules, flat and high heel sandals, espadrilles, and slingbacks, and the square toes may or may not be peeping. Try different colors but pay special attention to brown, beige, black, and white, which are simple and go with most outfits.

Outfits with square toe shoes

What should you wear your square toes with? With anything! With jeans and trousers, with skirts and dresses, with shorts and minis. Add your favorite t-shirt or button, take a comfortable and trendy bag and your look is ready.

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