Small Wrist Women Tattoos

Small Wrist Women Tattoos

I’m sure you will agree that the location of a new tattoo is just as important as the tattoo design. So today I want to turn your attention to your wrists and ideas on how to decorate them. The most popular place for tattoos is on the inside of the wrists. It is a very intimate and convenient place for tattoos of any size and shape. Depending on your preference, you can make a simple black one or a fun colorful one and buy interesting and great accessories for them like rings and bracelets. If you want something unique, you can even choose a composition of several tiny tattoos or a combination of an image and words. Now you should scroll down and find a perfect tattoo for you!

Black small wrist tattoo ideas

We have an idea for those who love minimalist style – just choose black small tattoos. There is a huge list of ideas: it could be a heart, semicolon, black outline butterfly, or it could be a cat, tree, wave, bird, etc. Black tattoos will never go out of style so you can boldly choose them!

Colored tattoo ideas for small wrists

Of course, if you want to buy floral tattoos, you have to think about colored ones. Are you ready for bold decisions? Then choose several gorgeous red roses. Do you want something gentle, sweet and girlish? Look at a pastel colored flower on the inside of the wrist. Don’t forget about the unique 3D effect tattoos, they look stunning and eye-catching.

Word wrist tattoo ideas

One word tattoos are very popular these days. All you have to do is choose an important and meaningful word for yourself and place it on your wrists. You can even take an entire phrase or combine your word with other elements like birds, a semicolon, flowers, or infinity symbols.

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