Small Neck Tattoos For Women

Small Neck Tattoos For Women

I think a neck is the best place for elegant, chic and unique tattoos. And of course, you can try small or very small ones too, especially if you’re not ready for bold and large tattoos. Today I want to share some adorable ideas of neck tattoos. You can put them on the back or the sides of the neck and choose between simple but chic black outlines and colorful ones. But first (and most importantly) you need to think about the design of your tattoo: check out the pictures below and who knows, you might find a perfect one for you!

Flowers and Tree Small Neck Tattoo Ideas

Do you want something girlish and sweet? Then watch out for floral tattoos. You can make simple pastel or neutral flowers, or try original and very popular dandelions. If you want something special then choose a tree tattoo. It is a symbol for the «cycle of life», regeneration and harmony.

Animal and Bird Small Neck Tattoo Ideas

Another popular idea with girls is an animal or bird tattoo design. You should know the meanings of common tattoos. For example, cats are symbols of luck, prosperity, mystery, feminine strength, intuition and protection. Bird tattoos represent freedom, nobility, motherhood, family, and beauty; Dolphin tattoos have the meaning of a free spirit and grace.

Other Small Neck Tattoo Ideas

It’s really great that there are so many small neck tattoo ideas to repeat. For example, you can put an elegant bow or a simple infinity sign on the nape of the neck. You can try creating a composition from several tiny stars or a heartbeat tattoo. No matter what you choose, I am sure that small neck tattoos will complete your picture and give it a special charm.

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