Small Arrow Women Tattoos

Small Arrow Women Tattoos

We continue to introduce you to the most popular tattoo designs. So today I want to share with you ideas for arrow tattoos that are perfect for creative and ambitious people. If you think that this is all about you, don’t waste your time and take into account all the ideas we have gathered for you. You can choose simple and minimalist arrow tattoos or find something original and decorated, for example colorful or floral arrows, with a bow or a feather, with a quote or just one important word for you. Like other tattoos, arrows have their meanings. A single arrow signifies the right direction or protection from negative forces. A tattoo of two crossed arrows is a symbol of friendship, so these tattoos can match your best friend. Now scroll down and see other ideas. Enjoy!

Black and Colorful Arrow Tattoo Ideas

If you like a laconic design, consider creating a tiny black or black outline arrow tattoo with no decor elements. You can put such small tattoos on your wrists, ankles, fingers or behind the ear. Do you want something unique? Choose arrow tattoos with colored feathers or infinity symbols and place them on your back, shoulders, sides or arms. If you want a more personal tattoo, take a motivational and important word or quote and combine it with your arrow.

Bow and arrow tattoo ideas

You can also come up with lots of bow and arrow tattoo design ideas (if you are a Sagittarius then this idea is perfect for you). This type of tattoo means love, hunt, or power. Many girls place them on their back or neck, arms or stomach. You can add colored flowers and leaves. Very small and simple bow and arrow tattoos are put on your ankles and wrists.

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