Silk Blouse And Top Outfits

Silk Blouse And Top Outfits

Silk is a timeless fabric that never goes out of style due to its super elegant look that doesn’t require anything special to create a fantastic outfit. Silk blouses, button-downs, and tops are hugely popular this spring and summer – they’re a hot trend. If you have one on hand or want to buy one, check out some ideas for wearing it in a modern way.

Wear a silk top or blouse with jeans, or better with high-waisted jeans and a raw hem. Blue, black, white jeans with heels and a small pocket will take your outfit to a new level, it will be both relaxed and very sophisticated. You can also go for pants that you like, or even work on culottes and stuff – that’s a very nifty idea!

Heels are a perfect idea for an outfit like this, but to make your look more relaxed and casual, you can wear sneakers or trainers. Booties, especially cut-outs, are great for spring, and slingbacks are a chic addition to your outfit. Get inspired!

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