Side Stripe Jeans Outfits

Side Stripe Jeans Outfits

We’ve already shared several gorgeous side stripe pants outfit ideas for every season with you, but what about jeans? Side stripe jeans are also very stylish and eye-catching items of clothing. Let’s focus on them today! You can combine them with almost all clothes and shoes, from classic blazers and button-down shirts to oversized sweatshirts and labeled T-shirts, from feminine high heels and pumps to sporty sneakers or lace-up sandals in boho-chic style, etc. Now you can scroll down and make sure you need these jeans ASAP. Enjoy!

Outfits with low and high heel shoes

If you want to create a casual look, we have to repeat some great examples. First of all, you can combine a white T-shirt with short striped jeans with side stripes, light blue mules with low heels and a black and white checked shopping bag. Second, you can choose a red and black floral blouse and combine it with a brown leather bag, rounded sunglasses, short jeans and black ankle boots. And thirdly, you can try pairing a dark blue blazer with side stripe jeans, a yellow bag and high-heeled sandals.

Outfits with flat and platform shoes

For those who like a minimalist style, I offer to pair a labeled t-shirt with high-waisted side-stripe jeans and white sneakers. Or you can take a beige, loose sweatshirt and combine it with skinny jeans and white flat platform shoes. For a more romantic outfit, choose a white, ruffled, loose-fitting shirt and pair it with worn-out jeans, brown leather platform sandals, and a straw sack. Or you can take a striped shirt and combine it with mirrored sunglasses, side stripe jeans, a brown mesh pocket and black and beige wedges.

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