Shirtdress Pants Outfits

Shirtdress Pants Outfits

What should I wear now if it’s not yet summer, but just before it? Take a look at your wardrobe, I’m sure you have a shirt dress and that is exactly what you can wear now. How can you style it trendy and cool to look chic and modern? Combine it with a pair of pants!

The best choice is a midi or maxi shirt dress, but a knee shirt dress is also fine. Add pants or jeans – they can be skinny or straight – then just add the shoes you want – heels, platforms, sneakers or sneakers, or even ankle boots.

If you want a layered look to take off your shirt dress or unbutton it a little when it’s hot, add a top to match the dress underneath and voila – you have a very trendy layered look for that late spring time of the year. Enjoy!

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