Seashell Jewelry Ideas

Seashell Jewelry Ideas

Summer is all about beaches! Sea breezes, sand, sunshine and total relaxation are the beaches, and the first thing that reminds you of beaches are seashells. This year, seashells are the most fashionable and edgy as such jewelry is all the rage.

These are not just clam accessories, but mostly clam shells that you see a lot, and such jewelry looks very natural, yet artful. Bracelets, necklaces, anklets, earrings with these seashells that are made in metallic tones or just stay the way they look awesome, boho and wild. Mix up multiple items or just rock one out when you’re not going to the beach.

You can find such jewelry in many branded stores, from medium and mass market to luxury stores or even DIY stores. Combine several accessories with seashells or wear just one pair of seashell earrings – not only to the beach, but to many other places too! Let yourself be inspired and be brave!

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