Rose Gold Balayage Ideas

Rose Gold Balayage Ideas

Balayage maintains its position as the most popular type of hair coloring, and there are thousands of combinations of roots and highlights, from the craziest and most contrasting to the subtle options for a sophisticated feel. If you are looking for creative colors for your balayage hair coloring, rose gold can be a good idea. Rose gold balayage looks great with a dark and blonde root, and it will definitely grab your attention.

Rose gold on dark hair

Dark roots work well for rocking rose gold balayage. These can be black, dark brown, brown and brown roots. They all look great with rose gold – this magical shade goes well with anything! The darker the root, the softer it will look after the balayage coloring. You can opt for a darker or lighter balayage, or add plum notes for a deeper look. Shorter or longer hair works for such a balayage, and beach waves or just textures look great. Add a sophisticated touch with rose gold balayage!

Rose gold on other roots

Various light and blonde hues are also a nice base for rose gold balayage. Light hair colors add more attention and a colorful touch. Various chic pinks and reds accented with rose gold balayage are also a chic and very standout idea.

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