Purple Balayage Hair Ideas

Purple Balayage Hair Ideas

Ultraviolet is the color of this year, and thanks to this color, all shades of purple will be trendy. If you are thinking of bold hair colors and interesting techniques, we highly recommend trying purple balayage. That way you will look super trendy and you won’t see many girls with the same hair, that’s guaranteed!

Purple balayage on dark hair

The best idea for a stylish purple balayage is to rock it on dark hair – black, dark brown, deep auburn, and other colors. Add highlights in whatever shades of purple you want: anything from lavender to ultraviolet to deep purple will do. Whether you have long or short hair, colorful highlights add texture and dimension to your hair and give it volume. Sometimes a subtle purple balayage is enough to make your look super trendy!

Purple balayage on fat and pastel hair

If you want to stand out even more, rock an ash gray or blue base color with lavender or deep purple balayage. Pastel hair colors have become very fashionable now, and rocking such a combination with trendy purple is a win-win idea. If you already have a strong hair color, e.g. B. Fuchsia or blue, you can emphasize these with strong purple reflections to make your look trendier.

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