Polka Dot Women Shorts Outfits

Polka Dot Women Shorts Outfits

If you like cool and flashy clothes and are tired of the monophonic, you need to pay attention to printed ones. Today I want to share with you ideas and ways how to combine them with other clothes. There is a really wide range of shorts so, as always, you can choose any type of shorts for your outfit, from classic to sporty, from paper bag to high waisted, from mini to Bermuda shorts. Just scroll down to see all of the collected pictures and repeat some outfits. Get inspired!

With flats and sneakers

If you like classic ideas, you can choose between black and white or navy blue and white polka dot shorts that go perfectly with a simple white button-down shirt. To this combination, you can add flat sandals made of brown leather or moccasins made of blue velvet, blazers or jackets, as well as accessories such as a wide-brimmed hat, a gold minimalist necklace and oversized sunglasses. For a sporty and relaxed look, combine a denim shirt with high-waisted mini-shorts, a red belt and white trainers.

With platform sandals and pumps

If you’re looking to create a retro style outfit, take a mint green sheer button up blouse and pair it with a black tie, blue high-waisted shorts, black ankle strap platform shoes and a black small leather bag. Or you can turn your blouse into a white polka dot top (don’t be afraid to mix and match different printed clothes) and shoes into sandals. For those who want to create a feminine and very gentle outfit, we offer the combination of a light blue sweatshirt or shirt (or a pastel color) with loose dotted shorts, classic black pumps and a light gray leather bag with chain straps. It looks fantastic!

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