Polka Dot Peplum Tops Outfits

Polka Dot Peplum Tops Outfits

We continue the topic about peplums and shirts, and today we’re talking about fun polka dot tops. First, you should get yourself a type of your new blouse. For example, you can take off a sleeveless or strapless top with a peplum on hot summer days, or try to find a long sleeved blouse for a sleek and chic look. Second, think of a color combination so that you can choose a classic black and white color combination. However, if you want something unique you can go for a pink and purple or a red and white. Now you can scroll down and see all of the images below. Enjoy!

Outfits with jeans and pants

If you’re looking for cocktail party outfit ideas then we have some brilliant ones! First of all, you can take a black and white polka dot peplum with one shoulder and pair it with black cropped pants, a black clutch and silver high heels. Second, you can choose a purple blouse with pink dots and pair it with dark skinny pants (or even jeans), a gold clutch, and pink heeled sandals with a bow. To create an everyday look, you can pair a sleeveless black and white polka dot top with a belt with mint green straight pants, black flats and a black leather bag. Or combine such a top with skinny jeans, orange pumps and an ornate clutch.

Outfits with skirts

For a more formal outfit, you can pair a white peplum shirt with black polka dots with a knee length black pencil skirt, white bag, and beige necklines. To create a flirty look, you can take a peplum top and pair it with a beige skater mini skirt, a polka dot clutch, and black ankle strap sandals.

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