Plaid Winter Outfits For Men

Plaid Winter Outfits For Men

Plaid or tartan is a famous Christmas feature and an indispensable part of Christmas decorations. Girls often include it in their vacation attire too. Why don’t guys do this Here are some pretty ideas on how men can incorporate plaid into their outfits and look cool.

Checkered shirts

A plaid shirt is the most popular idea for winter – what can be cozier? When it’s warm wear it with a coat, trench coat, or jacket of your choice, but when it’s cold it’s time to think about some layers. A shirt plus a T-shirt, a hoodie and a coat over it must offer you enough comfort on cold days. If you don’t add a puffer vest and voila!

Other checkered items

Some other popular plaid items are a blazer, shearling coat, coat, scarf. You can add and mix them up if you want to choose colors and prints yourself. Check out some examples to see how to do this.

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