Pink and Gold Dress Outfit Ideas

Pink and Gold Dress Outfit Ideas

Pink and gold together make a fantastic mix. While it’s very surprising, don’t let that discourage you. You usually see the pink and gold dress, then skirts and other accessories. In recent years there have been many tips on how to decorate your home in these two colors. But let’s focus on clothes today.

The pink and gold dress is a beautiful and quite elegant piece of clothing. It comes in pink fabric with beautiful gold embroidery and sequins. It looks very suitable for proms, weddings, bridesmaids or other parties and celebrations. The key is to style your pink and gold dress with a neutral color like beige, white, or blush pink.

In this post, I have prepared some of the best ideas on how to style your two tone dress. let’s see them together

Gold embroidery on pink dress

Rose gold dress floral embroidery
Flower embroidery on this pink dress is just amazing and very beautiful. The combination of pink tulle and details embroidered with flowers is very delicate and romantic. The lace around the sleeve hem is very delicate and beautiful. You can wear this dress for many different occasions like wedding, party or prom.

Bodycon pink and gold dress

Rose gold dress earrings
Another dress made of pink fabric and beautiful gold embroidery. It looks very luxurious and glamorous. The dress is form fitting so you can style it with heels for a super elegant and chic look. Add gold hoop earrings for the ultimate pink and gold outfit combo.

mesh dress

Rose gold clothes rail
This beautiful mesh dress is ideal for hot summer weather. You can style this pink and gold dress with flat mules or sandals for the ultimate summer look. It’s fully transparent so you can wear a white bikini or underwear underneath. However, be careful when choosing where and when to wear this dress.

Empire neckline dress

Rose gold dress empire neckline
The empire neckline was a symbol of queens and princesses. They wore this kind of cut outs on their fabulous dresses. This dress features an embroidered bodice and empire neckline, while the rest of the dress is loose and pleading. It’s perfect for proms or birthdays. You can pair it with golden sandals with crossed straps.

V-neck maxi dress

Rose gold V-neck dress
Featuring a V-neckline and maximum length, the dress is perfect for weddings and bridesmaids. It’s sexy and elegant, but it’s not over the top. The pink and gold dress has a slit on one side and the bodice is criss-crossed. You can style it with classy gold strappy sandals.

Maxi dress with slit

Slit rose gold dress maxi
If you liked the mesh dress I showed you earlier, then I’m sure you’ll like this one too. It is long and made of pure material. This pink and gold dress is ideal for elegant occasions. It has a high slit on one side that looks very sexy. Pair it with strappy sandals or sleek stilettos.

Rose metallic dress

Rose gold dress flowers metallic
This metallic gold dress with pink flowers looks like a dream. It’s classy and has an effective midi length. The ruffle hem is very trendy and looks great. The dress is paired with velvet sandals and a neutral beige handbag. This dress is suitable for both casual and elegant occasions.

Sequin pink and gold dress

Rose gold dress with sequins
Modern and elegant, this bodycon dress is suitable for both casual and elegant occasions. You can wear it for a casual night out with friends, or you can style it with super high heels for a chic outdoor cocktail party. Either way, you’ll stand out from the crowd with this pink and gold dress.

Mini pink and gold dress

Rose Gold Dress Mini
If you want to look sexy and glamor at the same time, this dress is the right choice for you. It features spaghetti straps, a mini length and a V-neckline. The gold sequin details in the shape of flowers make this dress look unique and suitable for parties.

Long sleeve dress

Rose gold dress cable waist
This is a perfect dress with gold and pink mini sequins. The cut of this dress allows you to wear it for casual occasions and style it for elegant occasions. The embroidery on the dress is amazing and makes you shine everywhere. It also has a gold cord around the waist to accentuate your body even more.

Like a princess

rose gold dress weddings
This is really a special dress. You will definitely look like a princess in it, so only keep it for special occasions. It can even be your wedding dress if you want to look unique in pink and gold, not white. The dress has a beautiful sheer bodice and the rest of the dress is loose and draped with delicate golden sequins. You can style it with classic high heels or sandals.

Perfect for prom

rose gold ball gown
This dress is young and perfect for occasions like prom or sweet sixteen. It has a gold bodice and the rest of the dress is loose with plaids. This pink and gold dress is perfect for working. Its neutral color goes with almost everything. You can wear it with beige stilettos or flats. Combine it with discreet jewelery and a beige clutch.

Prom glamour

Rose Gold Dress Gold Top
If you are going for something that looks even more elegant, this dress will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. It is a very glamorous ball gown with a gold bodice and pink tulle. You can style your hair in a French bun with minimal jewelry. Wear it with something comfortable, flats or kitten heels.

Bridesmaid Rose Gold Dress

Rose gold bridesmaid dress
When you mix pink and gold, you get the beautiful combination known as rose gold. This dress is exactly that shade and it’s perfect for your bridesmaids. However, if you are not (yet) planning a wedding, this dress is also perfect for other elegant occasions such as Christmas parties or other celebrations.

As you can see, the pink and gold dress can be part of your elegant uniform. It looks very good, convenient to carry, and also can be combined with other staples. The neutral color is easy to work with. So don’t hesitate to wear the pink and gold dress.

I hope you enjoyed these outfit ideas!

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