Padded Coat Guide

Padded Coat Guide

Padded / cushioned coats and jackets are perhaps the most popular items of clothing on cold days, and today they are very trendy – every fashionista and celebrity wears them! Want to buy one but don’t know what to choose to look amazing? Don’t worry, this guide will help you choose the right model, filling, design, and anything else you can think of!


The filling can be natural, which is down and feather, or synthetic, which is polyester. Remember that if you buy a padded coat with natural filling, it should be at least 70 or 80% lower. If there is less, it will not keep you warm on cold winter days. Coats padded with polyester are lighter, but you should consider density. The denser the filling, the warmer your fur will be.


Sewing is necessary to keep the filling of your padded coat in place. If the stitches are too few, the filling may not stay in place, and if they are too many the filling will become flat on the inside and partially lose its warming up functions. Prefer padded coats that come every six inches or a little more.


The hippest and edgiest lengths for today are midi and knee. The silhouettes are straight and barrel-shaped lengths. Of course, you can wear whatever suits your lifestyle and you find it comfortable, but these ideas are the hottest right now.

Oversized padded coats

Pick the right design of an oversized padded coat and belt it off if you want. If you have a winter wardrobe in plain or neutral colors, choose a very light, padded coat – orange, red, yellow, green, or even some neon colors. Wear an oversized coat with tubes, shorts or palazzo pants, or pencil skirts to compensate for the excessive volume in the top.

Metallic padded coats

These are for sporty people, they will look very good with outfits like this and it will be great to go skiing or snowboarding anywhere. Such a padded coat will add a young and daring feeling to your appearance. It’s amazing when you want to make a bold statement.

Padded blanket coats

This is a less feminine idea, but a very modern and trendy one. The main advantage of such a piece is that it is super comfortable. Choose a bold color for a coat like this – they are usually available in very light colors to make a statement with. Wear it with anything you want, because such a coat usually hides everything. Have fun!

Padded coats made of leather and velvet

These are amazing for a more sophisticated and chic style, they will spice up your casual outfits or your strict office look. The leather-like texture looks very unusual, but is still bold and chic. You will definitely stand out.

Coats padded with velvet are another super trendy idea. Of course, this is not real velvet, but polyester, which mimics its appearance. This is a cool way to stand out from the crowd and look bold, chic, and modern with no references to the sport that padded coats usually entail. Rock a bold color or jewel tone to bring out the texture and look of the coat.

Padded wool coats

This is another idea that stands out in particular. It is a chic idea to make your outfits less sporty and more elegant. This is an ordinary fabric, but it mimics wool prints and textures and looks very sophisticated – a nice idea for those who don’t want anything shiny or sporty.

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